Regular Design, Natural Elements and Harmony

Regular arrangement uses typical parts like wood, plants, water and is a style that is strong with green living, purposely arranging your inner parts to be as one with nature. The style blends in the old world principles that we are made from the five parts earth, fire, water, air and ether and keeping a balance inside these parts gives us a pleasant life.

Regular recuperated woods used in the cut pony cover entrances that are hand cut with botanical and twines get the parts of the forest area and are so totally generous as well. They can be used as storeroom doorways, sliding shed entrances or as room dividers. The imaginative doorway sheets get the earth part and have clean lines that capability splendidly with present day inner parts.

The excessively natty dirty control place with calculated facade are the exemplification of ordinary arrangement, taking their inspiration from bends that embraced the ways of old imperial homes in the previous days. Recuperated woods with the assortment spilled significantly into the wood grain, the old entrance nightstands are reminiscent of old world goods, when everything was made physically, iron nail studs and specialist improvement, the genuine energy of the furniture is so earthling and peaceful.

Antique doorways, Old Indian Haveli entrances were painstakingly collected with rough woods, thick solid teak segments and the lintel that joined the portion were cut with old world pictures of a urn that addresses thriving. Getting the water part with the wood part is supporting and prompts advancement. The blue patina on the doorways gives an energy of the oceans and seas that are more a piece of the Mother Earth itself. The norms of the five parts are any place around us, we should be accessible to their energies to acquire from them.

The armoires accept the customary part of fire with the cut sunrays and tokens getting the energy of the sun, the unique quality and wellspring of life. The finished woods and metal hardware, the pantries are a creative creation of the best traditional and commendable arrangement, showing an impact on the Spanish advancement Colonial Era.

Sound living is the typical result of a characteristic inside, balance inside all of the five parts and a conscious work to stay as one with nature makes green continuing with a lifestyle and returns us to our hidden establishments. The focal point of our being is together as one with our soul.